Saturday, May 21, 2016

Sharing my art journaling pages

Enjoying the lazy afternoons of autumn.

Multimedia journal pages.

Sat, 21st May 2016

Autumn has to be my favourite time of year. Sitting here with the afternoon sun streaming in the window as I sit and find photos of my latest works. Still hooked on journaling, it is such a great way to just disappear in the process and no stress too much. I love the fact that worst come to sorts I just have to gesso the page and start again.

My journals (I have 3 on the go) are really filling up. I spend time doing backgrounds sometimes with out any clear idea of what I am going to do. Sometimes I open my journal and find a background to work on and add more detail and at other times a page inspires me to complete a full page. Sometimes I have been know to dream about a page and what I might do on it!!

I love texture and colour and the more I do the more my style seems to be emerging.

I LOVE colour and particularly working with paints. Acrylics are my paint of choice however I am playing with watercolours too I just don't feel too confident as yet. I love to control things and watercolour is an uncontrollable medium so I wouldn't call us friends yet!

I am happier with my own drawings of late and they are appearing more and more on my pages. My next goal is to work on figures and faces facing in different directions. I might start working with animals too.

I really just select a whole lot of stencils paints and stamps I like and see where it leads. Sometimes it works and others it doesn't. An example in point is the page below. I made an awful mess so I embraced it and just kept adding more layers messy or otherwise until it worked. I think I even spilled a jar of paint on it when I started! Hence the saying when it all goes wrong you have to laugh. I know I will have another one coming up soon made the same way as I spilt some purple paint the other night and it ended up all over a journal page!! Its a simple way to set your colour scheme!

Besides journaling I have made a couple of scrap pages and cards of course. I have to use patterned papers and card sometimes to justify all the money I have spent on getting them!! You know what I mean, hehe.

This is a page of the day I took my grandie to see the very hungry caterpillar show. It was her first theatre experience and at nearly 4 she loved every minute of it an so did I!! Well I must be off, If you liked taking a look I would love to hear from you it really makes me happy and gives me the confidence to post other pics. Hoping to see you again soon, until then happy crafting.
xxx Angela

Friday, April 29, 2016

Art Journalling

Playing in my Art Journal


I haven't had a lot to post of late as I have been puddling about in my art journal. I thought I would share a couple of pages. I have been contemplating creating some videos of my process but  am not sure if what I end up with is of interest to my audience. I would love you to comment below if you would like to see the techniques I use to create my pages.

I have noticed that lots of the scrapbooking world are working with mixed media materials more and more. Initially a bit of watercolour and now moving into stencilling and modelling paste, brusho alcohol inks and any number of crayons, inktense pencils and blocks,  pan pastels and sprays.

I use my art journal to experiment with all these mediums. Sometimes I end up with something pleasing and at other ties I end up with an unholy mess. The nice thing being if this is the case I let it dry, cover it with gesso or book paper and start again.

Where as I use to be able to create a page in a day or two, now I find lots of time used working with various mediums and their combinations and sometimes not a lot to show for  the hours of creative effort.

Lately I have started to feel a little more comfortable with my process  and am getting more hits than misses and I have a list of ideas in my head of pages I would like to create. I have a sense of my next journal being one that I will eventually give to my granddaughters with messages of 'wisdom' from their Nanna written from the heart and within art works made with love.

Until next time, stay safe and happy scrapping.


Friday, April 22, 2016

Off the page project

Time for and off the page challenge.

April 22/4/2016

Hi to all,

I decided to undertake an off the page project this week. I picked up this clock from a $2 shop and thought it would make a good item for altering.

It was originally red but with a layer of gesso and some acrylic paint it soon transformed into a blue hued backdrop. I then used modelling paste and a couple of stencils to add some texture before adding some more paint before giving it some flower love.

I will be using this clock in my craft room so I was happy to go mad with a little bling and some shimmer using a liquitex metallic paint over the acrylic base coat. I used some metal corners that I cut down so they matched the rounded corners of the clock.

I finished off with a pretty beaded butterfly and it was done. I quick but effective project done in a flash.

Let me know what you thank and thanks for your feedback.

Saturday, January 9, 2016

Another journal page

Saturday 9th Jan, 2016

Hi there to all,
                     Boy holidays are rapidly disappearing, only a few days left. I have been busy working in my art journal and spring cleaning the house.
                      Both give me a sense of achievement but one is far more enjoyable than the other. I wonder if you can guess which one!

                      Here is my latest journal page. It has been a while since I did some drawing but she came together in the end. I used my new Viva transparent paper pen to draw the figures hair then painted and coloured my drawing in. Then I did the background. 

I don't often do my pages this way around but I had been sketching in bed and had her drawn so thought I would try and turn her into a page. I was a little disappointed with my colour combination on the background but I used Brusho crystals and they are very hard to control. You never know quite what your going to get. 

Thanks for stopping by. Stay safe and happy creating. Cheers Angela